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A free universal color formatting tool for desktop computers

A free universal color formatting tool for desktop computers

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Program license: Free

Program by: Colorschemer

Version: 1.1

Works under: Windows


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ColorPix is a software tool that allows you to determine what color a pixel uses with 100 percent accuracy. If you're a graphic designer or just someone who dabbles in Photoshop, you've likely found yourself trying to match a particular color on more than one occasion. While multiple tools already exist to help you ascertain what a particular color is, none are more accurate than ColorPix. By using the ColorPix software, you can figure out the exact color value of any color. ColorPix displays the color value in a variety of formats, such as the RGB value and the HEX value. The text-based color value string is automatically saved to your clipboard, allowing you to replicate it in any software program by just pasting the value. ColorPix allows you to magnify any image, allowing you to capture the color of even the tiniest pixel in a picture.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

ColorPix prides itself on being both easy to use and easy to install. In fact, ColorPix requires no installation at all, allowing you to use the program immediately after downloading it. Once open, you can set ColorPix to launch when your computer turns on. When not in use, ColorPix minimizes to the system tray, where it uses less than one percent of your CPU's power. With ColorPix, all you need to do to get the color value is hover your mouse over a pixel. If you want to make sure ColorPix is visible at all times, you can click the "+" icon to pin the window to your screen. By pinning the window, you can ensure the software always remains visible even if you switch applications.


  • The most accurate color sampling tool available
  • No installation required
  • Uses a small amount of system resources


  • The small ColorPix window may be difficult for some users to read